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The name “WPET” says it ALL. “WPET” is “ALL TALK”, “ALL About PETS,” “ALL the time”.

With 4.5 million listeners, this grand nationally syndicated “All Paws Pet Radio Network” showcases the BEST and the brightest of the fun, serious and zaniest sides of pets and their people.

It’s owner and “director extraordinaire” is non other than the “almost famous” and very mysterious “Jack Herbert”, part showman, All entertainer, as well as humanitarian and full time devoted doggie daddy.

Jack is that guy you see in that photo up at the top (left) on the WPET website– That’s right, the hairy one in the white furry dog suit talking into the microphone with the cute smile — That’s him!! Working away!! (Actually, that’s a picture of Jack’s dog, best buddy and mascot “Teddy”)

Jack was born in Boston, MA. and started playing tenor sax at the ripe age of 11. By 13, he had hit his prime and created a “society band” that was playing music and entertaining thousands in the Boston area.

He later attended Berklee School of Music and spent most of his adult life as a working entertainer and musician in and around NYC and across the US (entertaining the music loving public and of course many adoring female listeners).

His special animal connection came later in life when Jack’s sister passed and he discovered her lifelong passion of rescuing homeless animals and made that passion his own. The rest is history.

Jack merged his showman personality with his pet lover passion and “All Paws Pet Talk Radio” and WPET was created along with great programs like ” All Paws for the Cause,” “The Wild and Crazy Pet Show” and many more..

WPET’s programs are directed and devoted to pet owners. Jack’s hosts are animal industry professionals covering specialty topics and giving free behaviour and medical advice to listeners.

” We give listeners the opportunity to speak with animal experts ‘one on one’.”
“Our shows offer the audience exciting updates about events and entertainment opportunities taking place in their communities. ”

HEAR WPET on “TUNE IN” and join other Happy pet listeners at
Streaming 24/7. Call and Listen to some of their shows like:

“Smart Animal Talk” with Deborah Wolfe
“Autry Live” with Autry Pruitt and
“The Shelter Dog to Service Dog Show”

Tune In..
Listen to the World.