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The first women in the pet industry paved the way for those of us that follow in their footsteps today. Many led the way not out of desire or plan but out of necessity to invent or create a product they could not find in the marketplace but a product they needed in their daily lives.

These early inventions not only enriched the lives of women in the pet industry and the lives of animals past but ultimately the lives of everyone who has animals today. And the pioneering beat goes on!

I came across one of the industries first woman pioneers quite accidently while chatting with some of the marketing folk over at “Solid Gold”.

“Solid Gold” was a product I remembered from way back in my disco 80’s days when I was rescuing junk yard dogs. I remember the impression it made on me the first time I saw that very premium gold package sitting on the shelf at “Centinela Feed” in Beverly Hills, California. It seemed to be the “Dolce Gabbana” of the pet food set!!
And it had a premium designer price to go with it but worth every penny!

“Solid Gold” was the first of its kind in the pet food industry– a Super Premium Natural and Holistic pet food brand. One that now, 40 years later is part of the 6 Billion dollar Premium Natural Pet Food sector it helped create.

The woman pioneer behind the “Solid Gold Brand” is one “Ms Sissy Harrington-McGill,” now in her 80’s but still “hot to trot” in the pet industry she loves.

Sissy, is the inventorĀ  and founder of “Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken,” and the premium natural pet food industry sector.

And “How Did It All Start?”

With a Need in the Marketplace..

In the early 1970’s, Sissy was following her passion and dream of showing and breeding Champion Great Danes! When she traveled to Germany to buy “Bismark,” the son of the World Champion Great Dane of the time; she realized that the German Danes seemed to be in healthier condition and living longer lives than their American counterparts.

Sissy decided to investigate and brought overseas food samples back to the U.S. for testing. The rest is history. In 1974, she created “Hund-N-Flocken” a special all natural and holistic dog food made with high quality meat proteins and nutrient dense super foods devoid of corn, soy and wheat.

“Hund-N-Flocken” and Sissy were a hit and inspired the Natural Pet Food “Revolution”!!

And Sissy’s legacy lives on through “Solid Gold” a company that continues in Sissy’s footsteps to inspire, pioneer and innovate within the pet industry.

Though Sissy is now a young “80 something,” you can still find her 5 days a week at her pet supply store in San Diego, Ca. offering her lifetime of animal wisdom and the Solid Gold brand to customers.

Sissy has also created the “Heart of Gold Foundation,” a non-profit dedicated to the care and protection of animals.

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