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Denise Fleck - The Pet Safety Crusader

A first-of-its-kind 10,000 mile “Pet Safety Tour ” will roll across the Southern U.S. this Spring with award winning author and Pet First-Aid instructor turned “Pet Safety Crusader” behind the wheel!

Denise Fleck’s Sunny-dog Ink motto has been “Helping people to help their pets™,” and she has…having personally taught more than 12,000 pet lovers animal life-saving skills and educating millions more on national television segments (CBS-TV’s “The Doctors,” “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life,” Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” and “Groomer Has It,” CNN Headline News and Pet Safety segment on KTLA in Los Angeles). Still, Fleck feels many more dogs and cats could benefit from their humans learning better “pet parenting.”

“In my role as the Pet Safety Crusader™, I plan to educate a large number of people in one concerted effort, bringing them life-saving techniques, disaster preparedness tips and nutritional information that can help their pets live longer, happier, healthier lives!” she explains.

“ZOOEYIA (zoo-ey-ah) is the scientific proof that animals improve our health,” says Fleck. “Animal lovers have known this for decades, but there is now scientific proof that having an animal in your life can lower blood pressure, develop stronger immune systems, and create empathy in humans who have bonded with animals. For all they do for us, I want to make a difference for animals and the people who love them.”

The Southern U.S. Pet Safety Tour will kick off its journey in the Spring 0f 2017 with whistle stops in Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, across Florida, Winston-Salem, NC, north to Virginia, Maryland and Tennessee concluding in Atlanta with other cities still coming on board. Reading of her children’s book, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover,” teaching people 0-99 not to judge animals, people, anything by exteriors but to look for the treasure inside, will be a highlight in many cities.

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