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“Covers 4 A Cause”

We create Lick Magazine as a multimedia pet entertainment platform whose mission centers on love, respect and compassion for all animals including the human animal. COVERS 4 A CAUSE is a special fun LICK project of fur baby photos or Art pages that reside as unique pet fashion pages in each issue of LICK Magazine.

COVERS 4 A CAUSE Pet Fashion icons and their parents can strut their stuff in the latest Pet Fashion Designer outfits or just show off their latest pet fashion trophies at Pet Fashion shows LICK Magazine supports or features. And the Best part of All- You can appear in our latest editions of LICK Magazine and in our COVERS 4 A CAUSE website pages with your fur baby. Plus, we will donate 10% of your LICK promotional fee to the charity affiliate of the participating fashion show (If available). If you have another preference let us know.

“Covers 4 A Cause”

SAMPLES: See some of the actual fur baby fashion models who have appeared in LICK Magazine in this “Covers 4 A Cause” section. Updated monthly.

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“Covers 4 A Cause”

More fur baby fashion samples for your perusal. Hope to see you in the “Covers 4 A Cause” Pages of Lick Magazine soon!