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Beauty and the Pomeranians

SHANNA OLSON is a Hollywood name synonymous with beauty, beauty pageants and pretty Pomeranians (specifically little Pomeranians who look like baby teddy bears!). Shanna, is in her own words a “Beverly Hills mom” but her kids are of the “furry faced” variety.. And none of the moms I knew growing up ever looked this hot! Shanna’s three pretty pup kids “Kobe, Jack and Isabella” are the center of her life.

Shanna, who resides in Beverly Hills California has held the prestigious California State Crown and distinction of “Ms. California”. She has actually had the good fortune and looks to have been crowned “Ms Texas” as well. You would have thought getting one crown would have been enough for anyone’s lifetime but she has “2” and probably a few more we haven’t heard about tucked away in the closet!

But though Shanna has gained tremendous kudos in the aforementioned roles reliant on her amazing California girl persona and “goldilocks” looks .. it is her dedication as a spokesperson for the “Southern Californian Pomeranian Rescue” (for the last nine years) where she really shines.

This “ultimate Beverly Hills Dog Mom” has a relentless schedule catering to the busy lives of her Pomeranian fur babies who get lots of media attention and have “friends” galore. Their social calendar is full of charity and red carpet events, play dates, birthday parties, and “Holiday soirĂ©es.” Doggie daughter “Isabella”even had her own wedding thrown by her loving mom, but apparently the union like most California romances ended with a “divorce”. Check out and support Shanna and her work at