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THE ULTIMATE MULTI-MEDIA PET LOVERS MAGAZINE When a crisis meets awareness the crisis is solved. Because your Pet is truly your ultimate best friend

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An Act of Dog Museum of Compassion

An act of dog embodies the message and outcry of awareness, artistic tribute and creative expression for the thousands of dogs needlessly, unceremoniously and horrifically killed in American shelters each day. Shelters by their very definition are there to “rescue” not destroy. But destroy they do and in astounding numbers.

Lick Pet Profile: Solid Golds's / Sissy Mcgill

The first women in the pet industry paved the way for those of us that follow in their footsteps today. Many led the way not out of desire or plan but out of necessity to invent or create a product they could not find in the marketplace but a product they needed in their daily lives.

Animal Advocate and Artist - John Plichter

Lick interview: The Advocate & His Art “Homelessness isn’t limited to Humanity”

Lick Magazine came upon what appeared to be an ad created by John Plichter (Creative Business Strategist for “Streams” ) for the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and arts unique appeal and message. We asked John to tell us how the project evolved.


Barbara Founded  A Pet Lifestyle Magazine Because Animals Are So Much More Loving Than People.

After having an epiphany, Barbara decided to create her own pet lifestyle magazine. She found out there was a force that was always there in her life. She likes animals better than people.¬† With “Lick Magazine” she promotes love, respect, compassion and understanding for all animals, including the human animal. With Peecho print on demand, Barbara turns her digital magazine into professional prints. In this interview, you can read more about “Lick Magazine.”

1. Can You Tell Us Something About Yourself?

“My name is Barbara and I have worked with at least 33 different publications in my lifetime from Conde Nast’s ‘Self Magazine’ to the Rock n Roll ‘Creem Magazine’. I have worked in every arena of publishing from circulation and editorial to advertising and business development. My most memorable association was a 10 year relationship with Andy Warhol and his publication ‘Interview Magazine’ in NYC, LA and San Francisco. I now publish my own digital pet lifestyle publication ‘Lick Magazine’ which has been a complete joy! I can work on my magazine 7 days a week because it never feels like work!”

2. When and Why Did You Start Your Pet Lifestyle Magazine “Lick”?

“I have been in the publishing industry over 20 years and I was very happy with my career. But in 2008, the industry collapsed because of the recession. It was time for many people and industries to reinvent themselves. I soul-searched and I thought about the force that was always constant in my life. It was not people, it was not companies, it was pets. Unlike people, animals have no agenda, they are love. That is how the pet lifestyle magazine ‘Lick’ came to be.”

3. What Is “Lick Magazine” About?

“‘Lick Magazine’ is a multi-media platform that is about pets and their people. ‘Lick’ promotes love, respect, compassion and understanding for all animals including the human animal. We feature celebrities and interesting people who have a common passion for animals.”

4. Why Is Peecho The Solution For You?

“I found Peecho by accident and it has been a great experience. They print my product with great care, always top quality paper stock and reproduction. Fast shipping and best of all real customer service. They love people and the products have a boutique feel. An overall excellent experience. I am open to growing with Peecho and working with them on other projects. Peecho makes their customers number one and working with my rep has been a positive experience.”

What is a Petrosexual?

Lick Magazine met with Marianne Buttner founder and CEO of the new Petrosexual brand of unique fashion forward travel gear and pet carriers. Petrosexual carriers are designed for fashion conscious, on the go pet lovers, who enjoy traveling with their small pets either around town or around the globe.

Denise Fleck - The Pet Safety Crusader

A first-of-its-kind 10,000 mile “Pet Safety Tour ” will roll across the Southern U.S. this Spring with award winning author and Pet First-Aid instructor turned “Pet Safety Crusader” behind the wheel!

Beauty and the Pomeranians

SHANNA OLSON is a Hollywood name synonymous with beauty, beauty pageants and pretty Pomeranians (specifically little Pomeranians who look like baby teddy bears!). Shanna, is in her own words a “Beverly Hills mom” but her kids are of the “furry faced” variety..

Florida Yorkie Rescue


Kit DeRoche is the President and Founder of “Florida Yorkie Rescue” located in Palm City, Florida as well as the host of WPET Radio’s “Wild and Crazy Pet Show”. Lick Magazine caught up with Kit earlier this week after being a guest on WPET, along with a bevy of other unique pet radio people.

Anthony Rubio Runway "Canine Couture"

Two Shows! A fantastic Palm Springs California Runway Show was followed by a Glam Fashion Rooftop Runway event in NYC!

Designer Anthony Rubio and his “Anthony Rubio Brand” has emerged as the Dolce Gabbana of the Pet Couture circuit.. All wrapped up in one incredible talent taking pet fashion couture by storm.

Wpet All Pet All The Time

The name “WPET” says it ALL. “WPET” is “ALL TALK”, “ALL About PETS,” “ALL the time”.

With 4.5 million listeners, this grand nationally syndicated “All Paws Pet Radio Network” showcases the BEST and the brightest of the fun, serious and zaniest sides of pets and their people.

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